Top 14 UI Design Books Every Designer Should Read

The selection includes books on beginner’s lessons, design systems, designing with the developers in mind, laying your first job, and learning the core design principles. The book provides a holistic framework for product management that is both practical and extensive. It encourages readers to step out of their comfort zone as it provides insights into various aspects of product development that they might not have explored before. Klein’s advice on team building is particularly valuable as it recognizes the vital role of a well-coordinated team in the successful development and launch of a product. Lupton provides a brief history of type, key theories and practical advice, which I found very helpful for those not formally trained in typography or design.

They reveal the hidden impact of design on societal shifts, from major historical events to the dawn of the digital era. Give Simple and Usable a read if you are looking for a readable book on design principles usable on all sorts of products. Rajesh Lal is a practitioner and an innovator of user interfaces for mobile. Certainly what he has to say about UI and UX design has some weight to it. The contents of Designing with the Mind in Mind are in fact well-researched, backed-up with good references, and deep.

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The author’s premise is that it’s not about aesthetics – rather, UI design is actually an objective way to communicate to users. Simply writing down the conversation between the interface and the user can lay a strong foundation for the UI design. There are plenty of real examples and design makeovers to help you see the concepts in practice, too, which is helpful. In this book design practices and data science work toward the same goal, helping designers and product managers understand users so they can craft elegant digital experiences.

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Jake Knapp wrote Sprint as a distillation of his insights from 100+ design sprints run with Google Ventures. Even to non-design oriented folks, bad typography is easy to spot, reflects badly on the brand and leads to a poor user experience. Chances are, if you’ve read this far, you have a lot of ideas and information swirling around in your head. It can be hard to pin them down and figure out what’s good, and why they’re good. Made to Stick will help you thin your ideas down to an essential few and pull them apart to decide what to focus on.

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