SQL vs MQL: What They Are and How They Differ

We also have a downloadable cheat sheet to keep close on hand as you perform searches with JQL. Copy and paste fields, operators and functions into the Jira search bar, as well as learn more advanced queries. I can’t be sure, but you could be
running into a case sensitivity issue
which is quite common when using
native queries.

This functionality comes in handy if you want to find the issue you need quickly. However, it doesn’t allow to input details to make your searches more specific. At first, remembering and keeping track of specific issues might be easy. But sooner or later, your teams will need a tool to make sense of all the complex information locked inside your instance.

differences between HQL and JPQL

The most simple search feature in Jira is the search box at the top right of your screen.

jql vs sql

They like the information you’re putting out enough to keep coming back. And if they keep coming back, they’re probably ready to talk to your sales team. Data is one of the most valuable resources in the world right now, but the way it is stored and accessed can impact its efficiency and usability. Spreadsheets are a great way to store information until they become unwieldy, and even a basic lookup on such sheets might crash the system, let alone advanced search.

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They’re at the end of the consideration stage and are moving into the decision-making stage of their buyer’s journey, where they’ll appreciate sales-focused content and support. An SQL https://deveducation.com/ (Sales Qualified Lead) is a lead your sales team has qualified as a potential customer. SQLs are in your sales funnel, and your team is actively working to move them closer to a deal.

jql vs sql

Radosław is a Capitan of a team implementing Atlassian tools focusing on ITSM and corporate-scale deployments. His knowledge is confirmed by ACP certificates in Jira Core, Software, and Service Management. He analyzes Deviniti clients’ requirements, provide consulting, craft visions of solutions, and mentor the implementing teams. Privately, he is a mountain hiking fancier and a big fan of guitar music, especially fingerstyle. Are you looking for Jira experts to help your company make the most of Jira? Get in touch with us; we help organizations across different industries to achieve their goals with the help of this incredibly versatile project management tool.

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SQL is a declarative language that focuses on specifying what needs to be done without specifying how. Users write SQL queries that specify the desired result set, while the database management system handles any necessary underlying processes or optimizations. On the other hand, JavaScript is an incredibly versatile programming language, and it is widely used for web development. Also, it allows developers to create interactive and dynamic page elements, manage server-side processes with Node.js, and even develop mobile applications. Likewise, JavaScript has become popular with front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers.

jql vs sql

This is the case for the default “Blocks” link type, where the name and outward description are “blocks”. Note that the Lucene value for Customer Request Type, is portal-key/request-type-key. While the portal key cannot be changed after a service project portal is created, the project key can be changed. The Request Type key cannot be changed once the Request Type is created. Different types of custom fields support different functions. Search for issues where a particular custom field has a particular value.

A JOIN clause is used to combine rows from two or more tables, based on
a related column between them. Why are you encoding these results as arbitrary integers 1, 2, 3? Is it for some external jql queries examples Java API, or an internal API that you cannot modify? If so, then do the translation in some Java wrapper around that interface. That will prevent repeating this translation in multiple queries.

  • With the help of JQL (Jira Query Language) the search can be set up effectively.
  • Search for issues that are assigned to a particular affects version(s).
  • This is the case for the default “Blocks” link type, where the name and outward description are “blocks”.
  • In addition to built-in JQL, the Atlassian Marketplace contains plugins with advanced JQL functionality.
  • Is it for some external Java API, or an internal API that you cannot modify?