20 Most Useless College Degrees 2023

It doesn’t particularly help that a lot of media forms are dying out, either, due to the increase in the use of social media. There was once a time when having any sort of degree would set you apart from the crowd, highlighting your intellectual prowess and opening up a veritable sweet shop of potential employment opportunities. But with times changing and the graduate market becoming hugely saturated, school leavers are under increasing pressure to make the right subject choices. After all, with a lifetime’s worth of debt to repay, nobody wants to graduate without a prospective return on their investment.

  • Students can earn their Master of Public Administration degrees from Columbia University in as little as 21 months.
  • KU offers a unique and aggressive City Fellowship program to MPA degree candidates.
  • Nonprofits, human resource departments, health centers, environmental businesses, colleges, or authorities companies make use of MPA graduates.
  • “This correction is good.” For qualified developers looking to stay in the field, a new wave of Indian start-ups may offer opportunities.

Concentrations within the degree program include International Development, Social Policy, Public Policy Analysis, and Environmental Policy Management. The MPA diploma can be earned part-time or full-time with a capstone venture and four hundred-hour internship required. Those interested working in analysis or the public sector pursue the Master of Public Administration diploma from the University of Georgia. Some students enter computer science to get a job in coding, information technology, or cybersecurity.

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Improve information in topics similar to management, enterprise communication, psychology, and finance. Master of Public AdministrationSeton Hall University – Seton Hall University provides two on-line masters in public administration levels. If that’s the case, earning a degree in Criminal Justice may not be the way to go. According to the BLS, police officers and detective are not necessarily required to have a degree beyond their highschool diploma.

Computer science is one of the most perspective STEM disciplines, but it’s becoming oversaturated. However, a sole degree in ethnic and civilization studies may not land you the career you’re hoping for. Many who receive jobs after graduation with this degree look for jobs in education, social work, and counseling.

Binghamton University makes it possible for MPA college students to customize their diploma programs to finest swimsuit their needs. In most cases, students who pursue a Bachelor’s degree major in one of the majors above will have a difficult time finding jobs after graduation. In a STEM-driven economy, employers may be reluctant to recruit liberal arts graduates due to their lack of vocational skills or work experience. Unless you’re willing to rack up even more debt chasing additional qualifications in order to bridge the gap, you’re unlikely to find much of a return on your investment. Advertising majors take classes on promoting and selling products through media outlets like social media, television, and bulletin boards. They also learn what aspects of advertising are most appealing to people, including color and design.

A total of 41 semester hours are required for MPA completion with an internship needed for diploma conferment. They learn how to make communication more accessible while promoting suitable communication methods. If you’re interested in communications, you may take classes related to oral and visual rhetoric and classes that help you learn how to promote your message https://1investing.in/ best. Below we listed 10 degrees that are currently deemed useless by different financial analysts and other people who do thorough market research for different career paths. A degree in theater arts allows a learner to study acting and the making of theater production. They may take classes about famous plays or classes that help them improve their acting skills.

Many jobs that communications majors may apply for after graduation are related to specific majors. After all, all college degrees develop cognitive skills — you might as well pursue one with job prospects at the end of it. Even though this degree might have the glitz and glamour of travel and getaway, the result of this useless degree isn’t so appealing. During their education, students studying travel and tourism learn about the best places to travel, their methods, and how to improve the tourist experience. Although these classes are more entertaining than most, many students who graduate with a travel and tourism degree are left unsure of the next step after graduation. When you’re exploring those opportunities, they’ll result in networking, in addition to connections to the government.


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in Archaeology, you study ancient art, sculptures, drawings, history, and craft. As this field has a low amount of job opportunities, one should not pursue it as his/ her
career. Unemployment is a ticking time bomb because close to a third of the nation’s youth aren’t working, studying or under training, according to the World Bank. One Bhopal resident, 25-year-old Tanmay Mandal, paid $4,000 for his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. He was convinced the degree was a pathway to a good job and a better lifestyle.

Anthropology investigate’s human civilizations and their cultural development while archaeology examines human history by unearthing artifacts and remains. Those who graduate with a degree in anthropology and archeology may hope to spend time studying the findings on a historical excavation site or at least in a museum. While a prestigious doctorate from Harvard or Yale may land you at an excavation site, likely, the majority of degree’s won’t even get you out of your backyard. Pursuing an advertising major could lead to potential career paths in digital marketing, e-commerce, or sports marketing. What many advertising majors don’t realize, however, is that to land a highly competitive job in one of these areas, their degree should be directly in that field.

He wasn’t deterred by the fees that were high for his family, which has a monthly income of only $420. Despite the cost, Mr Mandal says he ended up learning almost nothing about construction from teachers who appeared to have insufficient training themselves. He couldn’t answer technical questions at job interviews, and has been unemployed for the last three years. ASU’s MPA program has obtained accreditation by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administrations (NASPAA). The Master of Public Administration degree from North Carolina State University has ready the world’s leaders for fulfillment. Alumni with the MPA degree transfer on to carry jobs with public agencies and nonprofits in each the United States and abroad.

Film, video, and photographic arts

The twin diploma tracks are very fashionable among University of Maryland college students with the option to earn two degrees inside a shortened time-frame. A 5-12 months program can be out there for individuals who want to earn their undergraduate diploma and MPP at an accelerated pace. For individuals who need to pursue jobs with worldwide ties, they could enroll in the Master of Professional Studies in Public Administration program. North Carolina State University is also notably the one faculty in the state to offer a PhD program in Public Administration. However, involved college students can contact advisors about twin degree packages that enable them to earn two grasp’s degrees with a minimal of 48 credit score hours for completion.

UIC offers an accelerated MPA program that full-time students can complete inside fifteen months. Degree candidates type a team in the course of the last two semesters to complete a capstone project. Some of the tech world’s top executives, like Alphabet’s Sundar Pichai and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, come from India’s top colleges. But scores of people with worthless degrees — who’ve graduated from lesser-known private institutes — lack the basic skills required to secure a job, per Bloomberg.

• Build interdisciplinary expertise whilst exploring your specific interests within the long and diverse history of esotericism, witchcraft, ritual magic, occult science, and related topics. They may work as politicians, schooling directors, healthcare directors, worldwide developer, city planner. Even a Bachelor degree in Public Administration opens a lot of doors, not to mention higher degree education. However, many who enter the field quickly find this isn’t as useful as it sounds. Representatives of Manav Bharti University did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment. “There is a gap between what the industries are looking at and the course curriculum they have gone through.”

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Even after studying such field the chances of getting a job is very much difficult as most polictical parties choose politicians based on their public presence and work. Even for the job of political analyst one needs to have an actual understanding of the field rather than a degree. The School of Public Affairs at Arizona State University offers a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree program that has been acknowledged by US News among the top 15 MPA programs within the nation. MPA diploma graduates must complete forty two credit items and 6 years by which to finish the MPA degree program. Coursework could be delivered via a distance platform, an intensive weekend workshop, or on campus, once a week within the evening. The two-12 months program has college students complete core programs within the first yr after which work on electives, specialized lessons, and their capstone tasks within the second year.

Most places that specialize in art want to see a lengthy resume with plenty of experience. Many experts consider a criminal justice degree useless because of costs and a paucity of decent employment opportunities. While law enforcement is always a job option, it is recommended that students enroll in a more broad-based educational program, like law school or political science.

Upon first glance, it might seem like a prudent decision to enroll in an ethnic studies degree program, mainly because of corporations’ desires to be more culturally sensitive. Biology is an important subject that tends to be a prerequisite for numerous other degrees, including pharmaceutical sciences and medicine. I hope that this article has helped you in understanding the career trends and understanding
the right career choice for your future endeavors. However, if you genuinely love any of these subjects then you must hard work and gain knowledge in any of the above.